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Published June, 2023

An Epic Bikepacking Adventure: From Los Angeles to New York

It's time to push my limits and take on my biggest challenge yet. On June 29th, I embark on a solo journey from Los Angeles to New York, covering a distance of 5,700 kilometers through 16 states, testing me both physically and mentally. With my road bike fully equipped with everything I need, I will traverse deserts, climb towering mountains, and endure the scorching heat of the western states. Then, I'll venture across the prairies towards the East Coast, aiming for the great cities of Washington and New York, my ultimate destination.

The purpose behind this adventure is not only to test my own boundaries but also to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and find their own adventures. By undertaking tough challenges myself, I want to show that it is only our own limitations that hinder us from achieving what we truly desire in life. Nothing else.

One of the most exciting aspects of this journey, in addition to the anticipated challenge, is the opportunity to experience vast, epic landscapes and be immersed in nature for weeks on end. I also look forward to meeting open-minded and intriguing people along the way, sharing stories and personal experiences related to life, cycling, and adventure.

For overnight stays, I will be using my own tent, setting it up at campsites along the route. However, I will also take advantage of options such as motels, hotels, Airbnb, and a very exciting online community called, where cyclists offer free accommodation to fellow cyclists. As I embark on this adventure solo, it will be particularly enjoyable to meet like-minded individuals through such online communities.

Throughout the journey, I also want to draw special attention to the "Heart of Sweden" foundation. The foundation's focus is to support children and young people in leading healthy and meaningful lives through proper nutrition and diet, which is something I wholeheartedly support. By raising awareness for Heart of Sweden, I hope to contribute to the optimal physical and mental functioning of youth and children.

Preparations for this adventure have been extensive and required meticulous planning. I have trained and maintained an active lifestyle for many years, including cycling from Spain back to Sweden and completing Ironman races in Kalmar, Sweden, all to establish a solid foundation for challenges like this. Much of the equipment I carry, including the bike itself, has been specifically arranged for this occasion to increase the likelihood of successfully completing the adventure in an efficient and safe manner.

So, saddle up, fix your gaze on the horizon, and let us embark on an epic adventure together. Join me from Los Angeles to New York and be inspired to overcome your own perceived limitations, both physical and mental. Because ultimately, it is the journey that defines us, and the ability to dream that propels us forward.


Aka, the Primal Swede

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The main objective of the Heart of Sweden Foundation is to promote the physical, social, and cultural well-being of children and young people in environments that primarily involve their living environment, food environment, and natural environment. The aim is to contribute to internal development, work towards a stable environment, and promote inner and outer health. This is done to encourage knowledge, skills, and personal growth. The foundation works towards providing children and young people with the conditions necessary for mental and physical well-being.

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